Coordination and central infrastructure of the consortium

Subproject 1

Project lead: PD Dr. Rebecca Schüle (Universität Tübingen)


The coordination unit supports the TreatHSP consortium in achieving its main goals: the development, validation and implementation of new therapies for HSP. The sustainability of resources, knowledge and results developed in TreatHSP are important benchmarks. TreatHSP partners work openly, collaboratively and synergistically with other clinical and scientific partners. Our work is based on a shared infrastructure that supports the collection and dissemination of clinical data, biological samples and experimental high-throughput data, which are managed in the joint HSP Registry, the HSP Biobank and the HSP-OMICS repository. This common infrastructure allows us to perform natural history studies to characterize the longitudinal course of multimodal biomarkers and to establish them as surrogate parameters for clinical trials. Furthermore, the coordination unit will act as a "translation manager" to facilitate the efficient transfer of knowledge and results from one level of the translational pipeline to the next and to accelerate clinical testing and ultimately implementation of new therapies for HSP.